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Roof Replacement & Installation

Need new roof installation in Fairfield County? Well, you’ve found the pros – Two Brothers Roofing LLCSince 2004, we’ve been the areas preferred roofer, handling repairs and installations. You don’t have to just take our word for it, either – we’ve literally got hundreds of positive reviews from people just like you!

When you call Two Brothers Roofing LLC, for roof installation in Fairfield County we treat your property as if it were our own. Every care and precaution is taken to make sure your property remains in pristine condition while we’re on the job site. 

For us, it’s not enough to simply deliver a top-quality roof installation in Fairfield County – we want you to be thrilled with every aspect of the project, from the moment you call until a decade later.

Get in touch to find out what your neighbors already know – we are the Two Brothers Roofing LLC


Roof Installation Done Right

When you need to work with a roofing company in Fairfield County it can become quite overwhelming to review all of your options. Believe us, we know just how many competitors there are in the area!

Whether you hire us or not, you should ask yourself a few questions while evaluating any roofing company:

  • Are they established with a history working in this area, or did they just pop up recently?
  • What do their customers say about them on popular review sites like Home Advisor or Google.
  • Do they have at least 50 reviews?
  • What type of warranty do they offer?
  • Do they provide financing?

These may seem like good, common-sense questions to ask, but when you’re rushing to find a contactor to replace your roof it’s easy to forget. Call us today to learn why we are the area’s best choice for roof installation.


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Residential Shingle Experts

We are experts when it comes to shingle roofing. We could sit here and talk your ear off about shingles all day. But, don’t get too excited! This isn’t an in-depth article on 3-tab versus Architectural shingles. Instead, take a second to read about why we work with two of the best manufacturers in the industry: GAF and Owens Corning.

Shingle roofing is the most popular option for the residential market. A man named Henry Reynolds, from Grand Rapids, MI is credited with inventing the first shingle in 1903. By 1950 their popularity had grown to dominate the market, and the standard 12″ x 36″ 3-tab shingle had been developed.

Owens Corning: Formed in 1935, you can be sure Owens Corning knows a thing or two about manufacturing shingles. Their products include warranties ranging from 10-50 years.

GAF: With roofing history going back to the 1800’s, they’ve introduced technologies that are still in use to this day. Warranties range from 10-50 years.

Other Manufacturers: While we may recommend Owens Corning and GAF, we also understand that you may have a different preference. If you’d like to work with a different manufacturer, call us today and get the process started with a free inspection and estimate!


Roof Installation & Insurance

Many homeowner’s regularly pay their premiums, yet fail to contact their insurance company when it’s time to replace their roof. In some cases, your roof replacement costs can be covered by homeowner’s insurance policy!

Navigating the labyrinth of paperwork can be difficult. We deal with it every day. From the very first time you contact us, we’re prepared to take the correct steps to maximize your claim with the insurance providers. While you can’t get out of paying your deductible, you can do a lot to save yourself some money.

If you’re dealing with any type of roofing problem (big or small – We’re also experts in Newburgh roof repair) give us a call right away. The sooner we take a look at your roof, the better the chances of having the insurance company pay for your roofing project.


Financing for Roof Installation

We’ve made a lot of customers happy over the years, but none of them were ever excited to be paying thousands of dollars for a new roof. If the unexpected financial burden of replacing your roof is too much to handle at once, there is an alternative.

Thanks to our financing partner, you can get your roof replaced with low monthly payments instead of having to pay all at once. This is a great option for those unable to pay all at once, or for people who don’t want to tap into savings or existing lines of credit. They offer options from multiple lenders. And when the banks compete for your business, you win.

The pre-approval process is fast, and well qualified applicants may receive 0% for 36 months! Call us today to learn more!

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