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We Recommend Vinyl Siding

Here at Two Brothers Roofing LLC we exclusively recommend and install vinyl siding. We feel the wide variety and selection offered by CertainTeed is unmatched. They offer over a dozen styles of siding and have the largest selection of colors available in the industry.

But it’s not just us that recommend CertainTeed. Of all manufacturer’s and brands in the exterior remodeling industry, CertainTeed is chosen by more professionals than any other. And, with the great color selection tools available on their website, the amazing warranty, and beautiful look of their vinyl siding we’re sure you’ll agree, too. There’s no better choice than CertainTeed Vinyl siding.


Siding Materials

Vinyl Siding: By far the most popular material for residential siding installation, vinyl siding is also the most affordable. It comes in a variety of styles (including horizontal and vertical), textures, and colors. It’s also a low-maintenance choice, requiring no painting. One of the only cons? During the colder months it can crack if impacted.

Vinyl siding gets our top recommendation for versatility and economy.

Metal Siding: You’ll usually see these options presented in steel or aluminum varieties. This style was originally designed to replace the high-maintenance needs of wood siding. Metal siding has many of the same benefits as vinyl siding. It is far less likely to crack if impacted, but will dent. 

We recommend metal siding when appropriate for your budget and project.

Fiber Cement Siding: The latest in the exciting world of siding technology, fiber cement options are environmentally friendly and most closely resemble traditional wood siding. It is the most durable, but also the most expensive.

Wood Siding: The most traditional siding material. It requires the most maintenance. Recommended only for those looking to achieve a specific look


Siding Installation Tips

Siding installation can take one to two weeks depending on a variety of factors. A two story home will take much longer than a single story home. Because we’ll be spending so much time together, we’ve put together a few tips to make the siding installation process a bit easier for you.

Protect your property! While we treat your home as if it were our own, your siding installation project is technically a construction site. Take some basic precautions before we start the job! Put away any breakable or delicate objects, protect shrubs and other plants, and park your cars in the garage!

Call us today for a quick consultation if you have any questions about preparing your home for siding installation, or to get a free inspection and estimate!


How we approach siding installation

It’s in our name – Two Brothers Roofing LLC – so you can rest assured we’ll be taking an expert approach to your siding installation. Whether you need wood siding, vinyl siding, aluminum siding, or any other type, we can help.

Installation process (what to expect): siding installation is a straightforward process. First, we’ll have the new materials and a dumpster delivered to your home. After that, we’ll remove the old siding, install house wrap, install corners and j-channels, and a special starter piece.

From there, we’ll install the actual siding. We typically finish up with soffit and fascia, although this is optional. Once complete, we review the work to ensure your satisfaction.


Financing for Siding Installation

The average national cost for siding replacement ranges from about $6,000 to $16,000. Most projects come in between $8,000 to $10,000. Few homeowners have a dedicated “siding savings fund” to help with this expense.

When you need new siding and delay installation it can lead to additional problems and expenses. Moisture can begin to build up in areas of the home that need to stay dry, leading to mildew, mold, rot, and worse. We partnered with a financing company to offer monthly payment options. This way our customers will find their siding installation a little more affordable.

We offer financing through a financing partner. They have a fast  preapproval process and well qualified applicants can receive 0% for 36 months!

Call us today to learn more about financing your siding installation.

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